Aeon Dubai Creek Harbour

Dive into the Heart of Dubai, Effortlessly Connected

About the project

Dubai Creek Harbour is an ultra-modern, stylish, and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood that integrates with Dubai’s sustainable urban character.

Situated along the historic Dubai Creek, Dubai Creek Harbour consists of 7.4 million sqm of residential space and 500,000 sqm of parks & open spaces with a viable mix of retail, business, recreation, and community facilities, all within walking distance

Visualize the dawn breaking over Dubai’s iconic skyline, with the raw essence of urban aesthetics merging seamlessly with the embrace of nature. Aeon epitomizes a bold statement, gracefully intertwining with the waterfront’s soothing ambience and the vibrant beat of Dubai’s heart.

Residents of Aeon are treated to a visual feast from dawn to dusk. Extending views of the captivating Dubai Creek Canal, verdant parks, and Dubai’s skyscrapers, an intricate weave of thriving energy and natural beauty unfolds.

Being an Aeon inhabitant means having the metropolis at your fingertips. From the enigmatic allure of Dubai Creek Harbour to the pristine beaches and the city’s bustling heart, you’re perpetually plugged into the urban grid.